KBZ Life Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1)


Why are you creating IKBZ Life Insurance Company?

In accordance with Announcement No. 4/2019 of Ministry of Planning and Finance, there needs to be a separation between life insurance and general insurance. We are complying with this directive. The creation of a dedicated Life Insurance company will also allow us to serve our customers better and improve our service level.

Does IKBZ Life fall under IKBZ Insurance?

IKBZ Life is a fully independent sister company of IKBZ Insurance.

Is IKBZ Life still part of KBZ Group?

Both IKBZ Insurance and IKBZ Life are parts of the KBZ group of companies

Will there be any changes to my life insurance policy?

There are no changes to your policy benefits and conditions under IKBZ Life. The only change is that the insurer changes from IKBZ Insurance to IKBZ Life Insurance. 

Are there changes to my premium payments?

The bank account for premium payments will be changed. The new bank account number for premium payments is 219 103 219 006 030 01.

You can contact your agent or our hotline numbers for more information: 0995 44 777 88 or 0995 44 777 99.

Are my current health insurance policies affected?

Your current health insurance policies will remain with IKBZ Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2)


Will IKBZ Life continue to service my policy?

Upon receipt of first payment and as long as you continue to adhere to your payment conditions, IKBZ Life will respect its contractual obligations of all existing policies.

Can I expect to receive more benefits from IKBZ Life?

Your benefits will remain unchanged.

What will happen to my policy loan taken out from my current insurance policy?

There will be no change in the current interest rate, benefits and compensation, etc. for policy loans taken out from your current insurance policy. However, if interest payment is overdue, we will start using a system of collecting interest plus principal loan.

Who will be the contact person for endorsement to policies?

If you wish to endorse your policies, you can contact our hotline: 0995 44 777 88 or 0995 44 777 99.

Can I claim maturity benefits for maturity of my policies?

You can still claim maturity benefits for maturity of your products.

Which changes can happen with my motor policy and other General Insurance issued by IKBZ insurance?

No changes will happen to your motor policy issued by IKBZ Insurance. The same goes for all other General Insurance policies. IKBZ Insurance will continue to serve you as per usual.